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Rubber Pallet Bands

U.S. Foodservice-Fort Mill’s DC was able to save $8,000 in five months by replacing shrink wrap with rubber pallet bands. The DC has also seen a reduction of more than 100,000 pounds of shrink wrap per year.

Looking to try rubber bands in your DC? Here is a list of some of the many manufacturers and distributors of rubber pallet bands.

Abbott Rubber Co.: www.abbottrubber.com

Aero Pallet Bands: www.aerorubber.com

Atlantic Rubber Co., Inc.: www.atlanticrubber.com

Baxter Rubber Co.: www.baxterrubber.com

Beacon Industries, Inc.: www.beacontechnology.com

Cameron Packaging: www.cameronpackaging.com

Dykema Rubber Band: www.dykemarubberband.com

ECO Pallet Bands: www.ecopalletbands.com

Federal Industries Corp.: www.chem-tran.com

Gulf Pacific: www.gulfpacific.com

International Plastics, Inc.: www.interplas.com

Kilmer, Wagner & Wise Paper Co., Inc.: www.kwwpaper.com

Lee Rubber Products: www.lee-rubber.com

OurShippingSupplies.com: www.ourshippingsupplies.com

PAC Strapping Products, Inc.: www.strapsolutions.com

Quality Strapping, Inc.: www.qualitystrapping.com

RC Packaging Systems, Inc.: www.rcstrap.com

Salesmaster Corporation: www.salesmastercorp.com

SJF Material Handling Equipment: www.sjf.com


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