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Before the economy took a turn in late 2008, green initiatives were all the rage. And while sustainability hasn’t dropped off the radar yet, most companies are looking for initiatives that are both green and help reduce costs. According to Lou Cerny, a vice president at consulting firm Sedlak, changes to exit signs, urinals and cartons can make a difference. Here are some of the many sources:

Exit Signs — A typical DC will have at least a few exit signs, most of which use incandescent or compact fluorescent bulbs. There are other types available on the market, including LED, Tritium and more.

ECO Exit: www.floormat.com

Exit Store: www.theexitstore.com

Green Torch: www.exitsigns.net

Pegasus Associates Lighting: www.pegasusassociates.com

Mule Lighting: http://www.mulelighting.com

Exit Sign Warehouse: www.exitsignwarehouse.com

Ample Amps — Ample Amps technology allows a secondary winding to be inversely connected in the stator of the motor. The winding uses the induction from the rotor to produce a current. This action collapses the reactive output of the motor and gives a “soft” start both mechanically and electrically, which can result in up to 40 percent less peak current required to bring the motor to full speed and horsepower.

MMC Research: www.mmcresearch.com

Waterless Urinals — Waterless urinals can bring an annual savings of 20,000 to 45,000 gallons per urinal, which can lead directly to savings on your utility bill.

Waterless: www.waterless.com

Falcon Waterfree Technologies: www.falconwaterfree.com

Kohler: www.us.kohler.com

Zero Flush Waterless Urinals: www.zeroflush.com

Multi Depth Cartons (MDC) — When using a regular slotted carton (RSC) and items don’t fit exactly, it’s common practice to fill the rest of the carton with dunnage, whether that’s environmentally-unfriendly foam peanuts or air pillow systems. And that essentially means you’re shipping air. But multi-depth cartons (MDC) can help. An MDC has the same box design as an RSC, but with horizontal scores (creases) at selected depths along all four side walls. This feature gives you depth flexibility when packing a box.

Agrov Box: www.argrov.com

Postal Supplies: www.postalsupplies.com

International Plastics: www.interplas.com

Packaging Supplies: www.packagingsupplies.com

United Bags: www.unitedbags.com

First Packaging of Chicago: www.stockboxes.net


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