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Warehousing Profitably

Third Edition

Warehousing Profitably

5-1/2" x 8-1/2", softcover,
321 pages, $79.75.

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From his decades of practical warehouse management and consulting experience, author Ken Ackerman has written a thorough and detailed guide to modern warehouse management.

In eight broad sections, Mr. Ackerman provides detailed how-to information and best practices in warehouse control, management, security, cargo handling, and information systems. There are also sections on starting a new warehouse operation, and planning for the future of warehousing.

This third edition has been completely updated and expanded but retains the first edition’s unique self-assessment format. The self-assessment closes each chapter and provides insightful questions and comments from the author. These thought-provoking assessments will help you see your operation in a new light and point out opportunities for growth and improvement.

Table of Contents

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  • Part One — Understanding Today’s Warehouse
    1. An industry in transition
    2. Improving warehouse productivity
    3. Transportation fundamentals — what the warehouse operator needs to know
    4. Information systems
    5. Avoiding labor pains
    6. Reverse logistics management
  • Part Two — Warehouse Control
    1. Quality and productivity
    2. Outsource or do-it-yourself?
    3. Planning and scheduling
    4. Understanding warehousing costs
    5. Accountability and asset utilization
    6. Reducing errors
    7. Measuring performance
  • Part Three — Warehouse Management
    1. Finding the right people
    2. Management productivity
    3. Training for excellence
    4. Motivation, discipline, and continuous improvement
  • Part Four — Security
    1. Controlling the inventory
    2. Theft and mysterious disappearance
    3. Protecting your people
    4. Protecting the property
  • Part Five — Handling of Cargo
    1. Receiving, put-away, and storage
    2. Order selection and cross docking
    3. The search for a perfect unit load
    4. Specialized warehousing
    5. Warehouse technology
  • Part Six — Information Systems
    1. Information technology in the warehouse
    2. Scanning and voice recognition
    3. Approaching warehouse automation
  • Part Seven — Starting a New Warehouse Operation
    1. Finding the right location
    2. Warehousing is real estate
    3. Warehouse construction
    4. Warehouse start-ups
    5. Moving a warehouse
  • Part Eight — The Future
    1. Warehousing in a global economy
    2. Warehousing today and tomorrow
  • Index

About the Author

Ken Ackerman has been active in warehousing management for his entire career. He served as chairman of Distribution Centers Inc., a public warehousing company, and as a management consultant at Coopers and Lybrand. In 1981 he formed The Ackerman Company, a management advisory service that specializes in warehousing and logistics management.

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