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Warehouse Management

Second Edition

Warehouse Management


6" x 9", softcover,
427 pages, $70.

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Warehouse Management is a complete guide to best practices in modern warehouse management. Covering everything from the latest technological advances to current environmental issues, this book provides an indispensable companion to the modern warehouse. Supported by case studies, the text considers many aspects of warehouse management including:

  • Cost reduction
  • Productivity
  • Staff management
  • Warehouse operations.

Part 1 considers the changing role of the warehouse and of the warehouse manager in today’s supply chain.

Part 2 analyzes the individual processes within the warehouse with special focus on cutting costs and improving productivity. These processes include pre-receipt, receiving, put-away, storage, picking, replenishment, value-added services, and shipping.

Part 3 explores the use of equipment in the warehouse, including warehouse management systems, handling equipment, and storage systems.

Part 4 discusses how to develop a resource and cost model for current and projected warehouse operations.

Part 5 looks at performance measurement in detail and considers why we need to measure, what we need to measure, and how we can use this information to improve overall operations.

Part 6 provides insight into current areas of interest for warehouse management including worker health and safety, and the effects of logistics operations on the environment.

Fully illustrated with charts, photos and drawings, Warehouse Management is a practical tool for both the novice and the experienced warehouse professional seeking to implement best practices.

Table of Contents

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  • Part One
    1. The role of the warehouse
    2. Role of the warehouse manager
  • Part Two
    1. Warehouse processes: receiving and put-away
    2. Warehouse processes: pick preparation
    3. Picking strategies and equipment
    4. Order-picking methods
    5. Warehouse processes from replenishment to despatch
  • Part Three
    1. Warehouse management systems
    2. Warehouse layout
    3. Storage and handling equipment
  • Part Four
    1. Resourcing a warehouse
    2. Warehouse costs
  • Part Five
    1. Performance management
    2. Outsourcing
  • Part Six
    1. Health and safety
    2. The warehouse and the environment
  • Part Seven
    1. The warehouse of the future


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About the Author

Gwynne Richards has over 30 years of experience in warehouse management and logistics. In addition to providing a number of courses on warehouse management he is also a visiting lecturer at the University of Warwick and the University of Aston.

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“An excellent discussion of warehouse operations, covering virtually all aspects of managing a warehouse from the high level strategic view down to floor level processes.”
— Kate Vitasek
author of The Vested
Outsourcing Manual

“Richards provides a comprehensive guide to implementing best practices in the warehouse.”
— Jason McDowell,
Inbound Logistics