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The Supply Chain Handbook

The Supply Chain Handbook

6" x 9", hardcover,
494 pages, $59.95.

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The Supply Chain Handbook brings together a team of 23 experts from management, engineering, technology, consulting, and academic backgrounds. These experts share proven operations methodologies, evaluate technologies, and offer practical how-to instruction on topics impacting today’s supply chains. Each topic is explored in depth to provide readers with greater understanding and the ability to put the ideas presented into action.

Innovative concepts and state-of-the-art technologies such as leaning the supply chain, logistics outsourcing, RFID, and supply chain execution software are explored in-depth helping you evaluate these solutions for your supply chain.

The Supply Chain Handbook also covers fundamental topics such as warehousing operations, space layout and planning, distribution network planning and design, transportation, manufacturing strategies, material handling systems and integration, inventory management and more.

The Supply Chain Handbook brings together practical information and proven strategies for supply chain success.

Table of Contents

  1. The supply chain: Past, present and future
    James A. Tompkins, Tompkins Associates
  2. Customer satisfaction and the supply chain
    James A. Tompkins, Tompkins Associates
  3. Partnerships and the supply chain
    James A. Tompkins, Tompkins Associates
  4. Global supply chains
    Paul S. Bender, P.S. Bender & Co.
  5. Budgeting and planning the supply chain
    Gene R. Tyndall, Supply Chain Executive Advisors
  6. Distribution networks: Planning and site selection
    Dale A. Harmelink, Tompkins Associates
  7. Inventory management
    Ralph Cox, Tompkins Associates
  8. Collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenishment
    Andrew White, Gartner Research
  9. Distribution and the supply chain
    Brian Hudock, Tompkins Associates
  10. Logistics and manufacturing outsourcing
    James A. Tompkins, Tompkins Associates
  11. Warehouse operations
    Brian Hudock, Tompkins Associates
  12. Receiving and shipping systems
    Kenneth Ackerman, K.B. Ackerman Co.
  13. Warehouse space and layout planning
    Jerry D. Smith, Tompkins Associates
  14. Material handling systems and integration
    Jim Capece, Tompkins Associates
  15. Automated storage/retrieval systems
    James K. Alred and Stephen L. Parsley, Daifuku America Corp.
  16. Transportation modes
    Gerhardt Muller, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
  17. Private fleet
    R. Patrick White, White Trans Solutions and Auburn University
  18. Manufacturing strategies for the supply chain
    James A. Tompkins, Tompkins Associates
  19. Leaning the supply chain
    Bruce Tompkins, Tompkins Associates
  20. Linking store replenishment to the supply chain
    Don Vehlhaber, SPI Consulting
  21. Training and successful implementations
    Jamie Heaward, Tompkins Associates
  22. Supply chain execution systems
    Tom Singer, Tompkins Associates
  23. Warehouse management systems
    Tom Singer, Tompkins Associates
  24. Radio frequency identification
    Tom Singer, Tompkins Associates
  25. Transportation operations and management
    Ben Cubitt, Tompkins Associates
  26. Manufacturing execution systems
    Allan Fraser and Douglas Furbush, Teradyne, Inc.

About the Authors

The Supply Chain Handbook was written by a team of 23 supply chain experts and edited by Dr. James A. Tompkins and Dale Harmelink of the supply chain consulting and integration firm Tompkins Associates.

Your Guarantee of Satisfaction

The Supply Chain Handbook is guaranteed. If you are not 100% satisfied, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund.


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