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Going Green to Save Some Green in the Warehouse

It's all about reducing costs with everything from windmills to underground facilities are in the mix.

(Boonton, NJ, August 24, 2012) — When Other World Computing decided to build a new 20,000-square-foot DC in Woodstock, IL, the company wanted to go green. Among the facility's Earth-friendly features are a wind turbine, a porous parking lot, and plenty of green space.

But it's not just small DCs that are investing in eco-friendly initiatives. General Motors' huge parts DC in Lansing, MI, has also gone green. And in 2011, the DC brought in $42,358 from recycling 325 tons of cardboard and 1,054 tons of wood pallets. It also generated $27,947 in revenue from recycling 59 tons of lead-acid batteries.

And in a third example, going green means going underground. Hunt Midwest Real Estate says its underground warehouse park — or "Sub-Tropolis" — in Kansas City, MO, lets tenants cut utility bills by 70 percent. That's because the buildings are 50 to 100 feet underground, where constant temperatures in the 60s reduce the need for heat and air-conditioning.

Details on these green strategies and more appear in the August issue of Distribution Center Management newsletter.


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