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Get a Good ROI from Your WMS by Ensuring it Considers the Physical Warehouse

Industry expert Scott Goldsmith, tells readers to select WMSs that allow you to change business processes to deal with the physical realities of the warehouse.

(Boonton, NJ, February 5, 2009) — Considering the large amounts of research and development dollars many vendors have put into building more advanced and robust warehouse management systems (WMS), you have every right to expect more value from the solutions they sell.

But even though today’s WMSs offer a laundry list of enhanced features and functions, Chris Goldsmith, director, product strategy for High Jump Software, says there is still one key variable that, if not included, will leave you searching for your expected return on investment. That variable is physicality.

In an article in the February issue of Distribution Center Management, Goldsmith discusses physicality, which he says is the size and layout of your warehouse, your product dimensions, packaging requirements, material handling equipment, and other factors that make up your physical warehouse. The interesting thing about all of these physical attributes, he adds, is that they are likely to be completely different from one facility to another.

What’s that got to do with a WMS? “If you want to get a good return on your WMS investment, make sure it has functions that will help you optimize your physical warehouse,” advises Goldsmith. “If it doesn’t, you may not get the return on investment you need to stay profitable.”

In the article, Goldsmith offers tips for how to ensure your WMS addresses issues in the physical warehouse. For example, you need to do more than buy a vertical-specific solution, he says.

“Some might argue that a number of WMS vendors sell vertical-specific applications that address the physical warehouse,” he says. “But even within a vertical industry, there are potential physical differences between warehouses. Does a soft drink distributor have the same physical requirements as a beer manufacturer? Your WMS should be able to help you address these different requirements.”

To read the full article, “Get a good ROI from your WMS by ensuring it considers the physical warehouse,” visit the Distribution Center Management website at http://www.DistributionGroup.com/featured_articles.php.

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