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What is a “Worker-Centric” Warehouse?

Warehouse and distribution center management can make the the warehouse a more fulfilling and enjoyable place to work by focusing on the human needs of their associates.

(Boonton, NJ, January 21, 2010) — Would you want your child to work in a distribution center? That's a question Kevin Gue, an associate professor in the Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering at Auburn University, heard at a conference in the summer of 2007.

"You could hear crickets chirping," Gue says in the January issue of industry newsletter Distribution Center Management. "And that led to the question: If you were going to design a warehouse that your children had to work in, what would it look like?"

The problem with many of today's distribution centers is that making it a fulfilling and enjoyable place to work isn't a design consideration.

In the article, Gue discusses the challenges and benefits to creating a worker-centric warehouse. The article also offers three quick-hit steps management can take to improve the work environment. These are:

  • Change your lighting. Good lighting can allow employees to do their jobs more effectively and reduce eye strain. Try switching old high-pressure sodium lighting with linear fluorescents or metal halide energy-efficient lighting. As an added bonus, you'll also save a bundle on energy costs.
  • Give workers a break. Studies have shown that just a 10-minute break can help employees focus and be more productive. Be sure to schedule breaks and downtime to keep worker morale up.
  • Improve ergonomics. Musculoskeletal disorders can result in protracted pain, disability, medical treatment, and financial stress. Try eliminating lifting from the floor, using lift-assist devices like scissor lift tables or load levelers, or have workers alternate lifting tasks with non-lifting tasks.


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