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Auditing Warehouse Performance

Auditing Warehouse Performance

5-1/2" x 8-1/2", softcover,
226 pages, $59.75.

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If you perform a detailed audit of your operation, chances are good that you’ll identify a number of ineffective practices. Rooting out these inefficiencies can transform your warehouse into a lean and efficient operation and help you reduce costs while improving service to your customers.

In Auditing Warehouse Performance, author Ken Ackerman guides the reader through 30 detailed chapters, each explores why and how to audit warehouse operations for improved productivity and performance. Key sections include:

  • Monitoring customer relationships
  • Auditing for process and cost control
  • Auditing to maintain quality
  • Auditing the performance of people in the warehouse
  • Monitoring physical assets
  • Using audit data to justify warehouse improvements

The author’s perspective is not only on short-term cost reduction, but also on long-term process improvement that adds value for your firm and your customers.

Table of Contents

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  • Part One — Fundamentals of Auditing
    1. Elements of Warehouse Management
    2. Auditing Warehouse Performance
    3. Practicing Pareto Practically
    4. Making the Warehouse More Effective
    5. An Audit Approach to Improvement
    6. Benchmarking for better productivity
    7. Scorecard Performance Measurement
    8. Grading Warehouses
    9. Housekeeping for Best Performance
  • Part Two — Auditing Operations

    1. Measuring Operations Performance
    2. Meaningful Operations Metrics
    3. Measuring and Maximizing Space
    4. Storing Newly Received Items
    5. Efficient Warehouse Layout
    6. Using What You Have
    7. A New Look at Managing Inventory
    8. Auditing the Sequence
    9. Understanding Unit Costs
  • Part Three — People

    1. Auditing People Performance
    2. Smarter Interviewing and Hiring
    3. The Manager’s Role in Ergonomics
    4. Transitions from Worker to Manager
    5. It’s About Time!
    6. Improving Warehouse Communications
    7. Ears: Warehouse Manager’s Secret Tool
    8. Maintaining Management Productivity
  • Part Four — Customer Relations

    1. It’s About Value as Well as Satisfaction
    2. Quality in Warehouse Service
    3. The Customer’s Customer
    4. What Do Your Customers Want?

    About the Author

    Ken Ackerman has been active in warehousing management for his entire career. He served as chairman of Distribution Centers Inc., a public warehousing company, and as a management consultant at Coopers and Lybrand. In 1981 he formed The Ackerman Company, a management advisory service that specializes in warehousing and logistics management.

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