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45 Proven Ways to
Cut Warehouse Costs

45 Proven Ways to Cut Warehouse Costs

8-1/2" x 11", softcover, 18 pages, $29.95.

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Today, more than ever, distribution professionals are being asked to trim warehouse costs while providing an ever-increasing level of customer service and quality.

Think you’ve wrung all of the costs out of your warehousing or distribution center operation? Take another look — even in the best-run operation, there’s generally still room to cut costs.

And you simply can’t afford to postpone cost-cutting efforts. Companies in the past may have had patience with under-performing or ineffective facilities, inefficient methods of storage, or less than optimal levels of productivity. But for most, this is no longer an option.

In 45 Proven Ways to Cut Warehouse Costs you’ll find actionable ideas you can use today to cut costs in the warehouse and distribution center.

To prepare this report, the editors of Distribution Center Management newsletter talked with over a dozen DC managers and warehousing experts. 45 Proven Ways to Cut Warehouse Costs includes their best suggestions, grouped into five categories: Labor management, operations, equipment, facilities, and technology.

Any one of these ideas can produce thousands of dollars in savings. However, when combined into an overall cost-containment program they can often reduce costs by two, three or four times that amount.

And with this fast-read, actionable report, you’ll be able to put those techniques to use right away.

Table of Contents

  1. Labor
    • Invest in training
    • Cross-train
    • Focus on retention
    • Use temporary help
    • Use flextime
    • Revise your labor scheduling strategy
    • Observe starting and quitting times
    • Move your time clocks
    • Monitor individual productivity
    • Implement a pay-for-performance program
    • Reward employees with an earlybird program
    • Provide ESL training
    • Uncover hidden cost-saving ideas
  2. Operations
    • Identify your superstars
    • Reduce inventory with cross-docking
    • Target inventory accuracy
    • Get rid of excess inventory
    • Improve cube utilization
    • Optimize workflow
    • Reslot regularly
    • Reconfigure racks
    • Optimize staging areas
    • Replace checking with auditing
    • Minimize packaging
    • Keep supervisors on the warehouse floor
    • Focus on error reduction
    • Make housekeeping a high priority
    • Control theft
    • Improve receiving
  3. Equipment
    • Optimize equipment use
    • Standardize your batteries
    • Make equipment do double-duty
    • Manage equipment service vendors
    • Consider short-term rental
    • Evaluate leasing rather than buying
  4. Technology
    • Consider a warehouse management system
    • Take full advantage of an existing WMS
    • Implement voice-directed picking
    • Reduce dwell time
  5. Facilities Management
    • Convert to high-efficiency lighting
    • Buy energy in bulk
    • Reduce stormwater runoff and fees
    • Turn off the outdoor sprinklers
    • Warm up with dock blankets
    • Don’t forget the fifth wall

About the Author

45 Proven Ways to Cut Warehouse Costs was compiled and edited by the editors of Distribution Center Management newsletter.

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45 Proven Ways to Cut Warehouse Costs is guaranteed. If you are not 100% satisfied, simply return it within 30 days for a complete refund.


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