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Highly Competitive Warehouse Management

At the heart of the groundbreaking new book Highly Competitive Warehouse Management is the Warehouse Maturity Scan. By answering a series of questions, you will determine the current state of your facility. Is it Reactive, Effective, Responsive or Collaborative?

By identifying your current level of maturity and advancing from one stage to the next, you can realize a 10 percent savings in operating costs at each level.

Over 500 DCs have completed the scan with 38 percent identified as having the potential for 10 to 20 percent savings and 55 percent for 20 to 30 percent savings.

To move from one level to the next, use the Warehouse Action Plan, which is detailed in Highly Competitive Warehouse Management. The Warehouse Action Plan is a systematic yet flexible plan for improvement, which focuses on improvements in workforce culture, process redesign, information technology, and supply chain alignment.



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