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The WMS Handbook

The WMS Handbook

9" x 12", loose-leaf binder,
308 pages, $247.

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Table of Contents

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The WMS Handbook will be your guide to selecting, purchasing, implementing and operating a warehouse management system for your facility.

Fully updated throughout, this second edition of The Handbook provides the practical, easy-to-use information and sample forms, charts and checklists that you need at every phase of your implementation.

The Handbook opens by providing an introduction to warehouse management systems, what they are and how they’re used in the warehouse to maximize efficiency, reduce errors and lead time, and optimize labor and space utilization.

This is followed by a thorough and complete discussion of how to develop an effective business case for your WMS, select the right system, and get it up and running. This material includes a 30-page vendor directory with details on system capabilities and functionality, along with full contact information.

In the event that you are integrating your WMS with other systems, you’ll find a wealth of information on systems integration with detailed sections on interfacing with transportation management systems, conveyor and machine control systems, voice directed systems and pick-to-light systems.

You’ll also find individual sections devoted to Automatic Identification Systems, Compliance Labeling, Electronic Data Interchange, and Radio Frequency Communications.

But no handbook would be complete without examples of these systems in use in a wide range of distribution settings. Six detailed case studies illustrate the best practices and principles described in the handbook.

Whether you are tackling implementation on your own or with a consultant’s support, you’ll find the knowledge and insights gained from The WMS Handbook will help you move smoothly from preliminary planning to post-implementation acceptance testing and beyond.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: An Introduction to Warehouse Management Systems

Chapter 2: Warehouse Management System Applications

Chapter 3: Planning and Implementing a WMS

Chapter 4: WMS Integration with Other Systems

Chapter 5: Automatic Identification Systems

Chapter 6: Compliance Labeling

Chapter 7: Electronic Data Interchange

Chapter 8: Radio Frequency Data Communications

Chapter 9: Project Management

Chapter 10: WMS Computer Platforms and Architectures

Chapter 11: Case Studies

Chapter 12: Vendor Guide

About the Publisher

The WMS Handbook is published by the Distribution Group, a division of Alexander Communications Group, Inc. The Distribution Group is committed to providing the highest quality management information on warehousing and distribution through its newsletters and books.

Your Guarantee of Satisfaction

The WMS Handbook is guaranteed. If you are not 100% satisfied, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund.


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