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The Warehouse Management Handbook

This book is out of print.

A practical alternative is Warehouse Management: Second Edition.

Warehouse Management is a complete guide to best practices in modern warehouse management. Covering everything from the latest technological advances to current environmental issues, this book provides an indispensable companion to the modern warehouse.

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This comprehensive handbook was designed to offer both the experienced warehouse manager and the novice a thorough and complete resource covering all aspects of modern warehouse management. Illustrations and graphics are used extensively to supplement the text, and each chapter includes real-world examples and practical advice.

To complete such an undertaking, editors Jim Tompkins and Jerry Smith turned to a team of 38 leading experts to create this one authoritative volume, which should be on every manager’s desk.

In 980 pages the authors cover all aspects of warehouse management including:

  • Developing a process and selecting the right warehouse management system
  • Planning both space and layout requirements for the warehouse
  • Grasping the issues involved in third party logistics decisions
  • Utilizing information systems for maximum effectiveness
  • Choosing the best warehouse site
  • Designing the most efficient truck and rail dock facilities, and establishing yard requirements
  • Establishing effective stock location and inventory control systems
  • Understanding the importance of maintenance in your warehouse operation
  • Controlling losses due to theft, damage, fire, and obsolescence
  • Taking full advantage of storage and retrieval systems, conveyor systems, and shipping systems among others
  • Evaluating capital investments.

Table of Contents

  1. The challenge of warehousing
  2. Warehousing and physical distribution
  3. Warehousing and manufacturing
  4. Logistics excellence
  5. Third-party warehousing
  6. Transportation modes
  7. Distribution network systems
  8. Customer service management
  9. Warehouse space and layout planning
  10. Personnel planning
  11. Achieving organizational excellence in warehouse operations
  12. Facilities planning
  13. Simulation
  14. Economic analysis
  15. Hazardous materials management
  16. Environmental concerns in warehousing
  17. Fire protection in warehousing: An examination of codes, systems, and plans
  18. Dock design
  19. Large parts storage systems
  20. Small parts storage systems
  21. Automated storage/retrieval systems
  22. Lift trucks
  23. Unit load conveyors
  24. Automatic guided vehicle systems
  25. Hoists, monorails, and overhead traveling cranes
  26. Auto ID systems
  27. RF communications
  28. Warehouse control and management systems
  29. Warehouse measurement systems
  30. Electronic data interchange
  31. Containers and packaging
  32. Receiving in the warehouse
  33. Order picking
  34. Stock location management and inventory control
  35. Shipping systems
  36. Warehouse maintenance
  37. Loss control

About the Authors

To ensure the latest information available on the subject, the editors, Dr. James A. Tompkins and Jerry D. Smith of the supply chain consulting firm Tompkins Associates turned to a team of 38 experts drawn from management, engineering, marketing, computer technology, top consulting firms, and academe.

Your Guarantee of Satisfaction

If for any reason you are not totally satisfied with The Warehouse Management Handbook, simply return it within 30 days for a complete refund.

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