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Proper Lifting Techniques

Proper Lifting Techniques

15 minute DVD, $139.

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Warehouse workers can’t rely on instinct when it comes to lifting properly. If they don’t stop and think before they grab a heavy crate or unwieldy piece of plywood, they can get seriously hurt.

In fact, eight out of 10 people will end up suffering some kind of back injury in their lifetimes. But much of this can be prevented with the use of specific lifting techniques that maintain proper alignment and support the back throughout the lifting process.

In just 15 minutes your warehouse staff will learn the following safe lifting procedures:

  • Basic guidelines for
    every lift

    Evaluating loads
    Setting down loads
    Communicating with a
        lifting partner
  • Specialized and industrial loads
    Basic lift
    Tripod lift
    Golfer’s lift
    Overhead lift
  • Lifting awkward or oversized objects
    Boards, sheets, sacks,
        pipes and barrels
  • Team lifting situations

Proper Lifting Techniques was designed to help you reduce lost-time accidents due to improper lifting.

   Learn basic safe lifting techniques.

   How to lift awkward objects.

   Avoiding lifting mistakes will
   avoid lifting injuries.

Your Guarantee of Satisfaction

Proper Lifting Techniques is guaranteed. We want you to use this valuable resource and put its safety information to work in your department. Then, if you are not 100% satisfied, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund.


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