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Inventory Best Practices

Inventory Best Practices

6" x 9", hardcover,
352 pages, $75.

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Inventory Best Practices will help readers improve all aspects of inventory management including receiving, shipping, storage, picking, transactions, and warehouse layout.

Aptly named, Inventory Best Practices discusses the situations in which best practice implementations are most likely to succeed, what factors are most important to the success or failure of an implementation, and how to successfully create and follow through on an implementation project.

This is followed by over 200 best practices in all aspects of inventory management. To further guide the reader, each practice is rated in terms of cost and implementation time. Cost is listed as one stack of dollars (inexpensive), two stacks (moderately expensive) or three stacks (very expensive). And the installation time of each best practice is listed as one clock (short duration), two clocks (moderate duration) or three clocks (lengthy).

For example, grouping single-line orders and picking in order by location is rated as inexpensive with a short duration to implement, while using pick-to-light to record high-volume picking transactions is rated as very expensive with moderate duration to implement.

In addition to over 200 best practices, the book also includes important formulas such as average picking time, picking accuracy for assembled products, and average picking costs, plus a detailed glossary of terms.

Table of Contents

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1. Success or Failure with Best Practices.

2. Inventory Purchasing.

3. Inventory Receiving and Shipping.

4. Inventory Storage.

5. Inventory Picking.

6. Production Issues Impacting Inventory.

7. Inventory Transactions.

8. Inventory Planning and Management.

9. Warehouse Layout.

10. Cost Accounting.

11. Bills of Materials.

12. Impact of Constraints on Inventory.

13. Inventory Policies and Procedures.

14. Inventory Measurements.

Appendix Summary of Inventory Best Practices.


About the Author.


About the Author

Steven M. Bragg, CPA, has been the chief financial officer or controller of four companies, as well as a consulting manager at Ernst & Young and auditor at Deloitte. He is the author of over thirty books on various aspects of business management.

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