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Getting information to the right distribution and warehouse professionals is what Distribution Digest is all about.

Benefits of Sponsorship

Every other week, Distribution Digest reaches 5,000 subscribers (100 percent opt-in). The newsletter is eagerly read for its brief, information-packed summaries of key articles from our print newsletter Distribution Center Management. With your sponsorship, you will:

  • Reach a highly targeted group of distribution center and warehouse managers, directors and vice presidents.
  • Receive maximum exposure as the sole sponsor of an issue.
  • Receive continuous exposure for three months. Newsletters are available at the DistributionGroup.com website for three full months.
  • Use an inexpensive and easy to produce text ad.

Distribution Digest Readers Run the Distribution Center

Subscribers to Distribution Digest are actively involved in distribution management, facility management, general management, inventory control, material handling, and operations management. Fully 77 percent work at the level of manager or above.

Business Title % of Subscribers
Assistant, Associate, Supervisor 4
Manager, Senior Manager 54
Director, Vice President 23
Consultant 2
Engineer 2


A small number of subscribers also work outside of the warehouse.

Business Title % of Subscribers
Logistics Manager, Director, VP 7
President, Owner, Partner (3PL) 8

Sponsorship Requirements

The following information must be received 48 hours before the scheduled send date:

  • Text. Up to 50 words. Text to include one hyperlink.
  • List of seed email addresses. These are the addresses that are to receive a test of the mailing prior to sending and also a copy of the live mailing. These names will be added to the list before tests are sent and deleted immediately following the live mailing.

View a Sample

Newsletters have a one-column, all text format for easy viewing in all browsers. Click here to see how your ad will appear.


The cost to act as the sole sponsor for a single issue of Distribution Digest is $350. Or you may choose any three issues for $950.

Schedule Your Sponsorship Today

Complete the Insertion Order or contact us today if you have any questions.

Margaret DeWitt
(973) 265-2300 ext. 107


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